Anna Arndt

Freedom Consulting is owned and operated by Anna Arndt who has 35 years of experience running small business’s including, farming, meat processing, accounting, hospitality and fast foods. With expertise in all areas of business, Anna has also worked as a Chartered Accountant for a number of years. 

Anna is passionate and enthusiastic about all aspects of life, both work and personal, and thrives on challenges. With a belief that anything is possible, Anna is driven to meet high standards she sets not only for herself but those around her. Working on and completing projects, as well as creating new opportunities for people and companies to help them succeed are her main aspirations in the workplace. Her broad knowledge and skill-set has been honed by experiences in a variety of roles, from creating and running voluntary organisations to the establishment of successful business’s Aria Farm and Erik’s Fish and Chips. 

In 35 years of business Anna has experienced extreme highs and lows, including severe cash flow crisis and a loss of major customers, but through resilient strategies has always succeeded in pulling through. 

To discuss how Anna could work with your business please phone on 027 232 4820 or email:

Anna’s businesses have received a number of significant awards and accolades throughout her career

Business Awards Winners logo 2018.png

2019 – Erik’s Fish and Chips - Finalists in 3 categories Tourism and Hospitality Businesses , Innovation and People’s Choice in the Wanaka Business Awards 

Judges Comments – Wayne Hudson 

A deceptively good little business, focussing on doing everything right, and getting very good customer feedback. Impressive steady growth across Queenstown Lakes. You have developed a brand that has become well known, funky and contemporary. You appear to have a sound business model that addresses all key elements of a successful business. This augurs well for your future.  A very good entry with impressive business growth in the Wanaka market. Great understanding of all facets of their business including good implementation of innovation around lean processes. 

2018 – Erik’s Fish & Chips - Queenstown Small Business of the Year under $3m 

A relatively young but innovative business that is continually evolving whether it be in its branding, products or business models. They have a well-balanced set of core values and a vison that carefully considers the staff, community and the need to enjoy the lifestyle this region has to offer. 

2018 – Erik’s Fish and Chips - New Zealand Hospitality Awards (NZ wide) 

Winner of Excellence in Marketing and People’s Choice Award. 

2012 – Aria Farm Ltd - Rabobank Business Innovation Award at the NZ Food Awards 

Aria Farm was recognised for: collaborating closely with all parties in the value chain in the development of its food, meeting the demands of health, quality and consistency. The development of its innovative packaging design, which features prominently in supermarkets and upright freezers. Instrumental in Aria Farm achieving this award were the benefits arising from integrating the “Lean Manufacturing” system into the business. The benefits to Aria Farm from this concept were efficiencies in labour, product and packaging waste, whilst keeping its product specification correct 100% of the time. 

“Aria Farm is an excellent example of a food company using innovative strategies to build a successful business in a very competitive market” - comment from competition judge Hamish Midgley of Rabobank 

2000 – Aria Farm - TVNZ/Marketing Magazine Award 

Aria Farm has demonstrated a single-minded determination to succeed with the launch of an exciting range of products in a competitive category. Not only did the company understand the detail the current consumer trends and needs and then translated these into innovative products and appropriately targeted its communications. This is an excellent example of a start-up company effectively using marketing tools to build a successful business.