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About Freedom Consulting

Freedom Consulting is owned and operated by Anna Arndt who has 35 years of experience running small business’s including, farming, meat processing, accounting, hospitality and fast foods. With expertise in all areas of business, Anna has also worked as a Chartered Accountant for a number of years. 

What we can do for you...

 Anna has particular passions and expertise in the following areas 

Small and Medium sized business support

Continuous  Improvement - 
Using this philosophy to involve the whole team to make continual small changes to better business practices and processes step by step

Financial Planning – Xero, budgets and cash flows 

Marketing – overall philosophy and using PR 

Staying on task, creating systems to ensure weekly and monthly KPI’s are measured 

Maintaining a healthy work life balance 

Trusted by Companies and Entrepreneurs

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Moving forward with confidence

Before we met Anna we were giving it a go but often moving forward blindly. Anna helped get our cashflow, budgets, stock system and banking organised helping us progress with confidence. Anna has created these and taught us how to manage these systems and creditors ourselves, to allow us move the business forward with confidence. I can highly recommend Anna from Freedom Consulting.

Aidan Mernagh 
Bro Bikes Ltd

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Anna Opened by eyes to the finer details of running a business

"Anna was very enthusiastic and open minded coming up with many ideas that eventuated in me being able to start out on the right foot, she set up business meetings, helped me through cash flows, accounting troubleshooting, lease negotiations and a lot more.

After a successful first 6 weeks operating smoothly, the world was hit by the Covid-19 Virus. Anna was one of the few offering constructive and positive advice during this time and really made all the difference as she helped me manage many aspects of my business that I had previously not paid much attention too. She helped me redirect spending, minimize unnecessary costs, renegotiate leases and contacts as well as teaching me a lot about the world of accounting software! Anna opened my eyes to the finer details of running a business that I previously did not know where there, it is very unlikely that I would have been able to accomplish what I have without her help and guidance."

Jack Stobart

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